Friday, March 29, 2013

Alpha Release of Open Monitor

We're proud to announce an Alpha release of Open Monitor!

It features a desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and a mobile agent (Android only at the moment, iOS coming soon), and with this release, we intend to put these agents to work around the world and begin to collect precious data about internet connectivity all around.

During this alpha, we hope to be able to detect and polish all the remaining rough edges for a following beta release. We count on the community to help us test and collect this data that will be already made available in real time through Open Monitor's website for the world to use.

If you'd like to try the desktop agent, follow the install instructions here.
For the android mobile agent, install from Google Play.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Honoring Certificates for all Past Successful Participantes of GSoC through Umit

At Umit we always wanted to say an extra thank you for all of the students and mentors that helped us through Google Summer of Code since 2007. The certificate idea came up, and we decided to make it special and deliver to all of those heroes that made the good code now our community can enjoy for free.

Design Details

We've participated on Google Summer of Code all years since 2007 (in 2005 and 2006 Adriano Marques participated as student), thus we'd have to make 6 different certificates featuring GSoC's logo of each year.
To make it special, we added some design perks to it: the Color Scheme and an Easter Egg.

Color Scheme

Umit's anniversary is considered to be August 29 2005, which is around the time the first GSoC was over, and the first release of Umit was made public.

For each certificate, we got the epoch number for the anniversary in that year (08/29/2007, 08/29/2008, ...), extracted the 6 digits in the middle of the epoch and splited it in 3 pairs of hex numbers. Then, we turned those numbers into colors (RGB) and generated an inverse color for it using a XOR of the extracted number against white in RGB (the number FFFFFF).

The result was a set of colors for the top and bottom stripes and the Easter Egg in the background.

We even wrote a script to generate the HTML below showing those colors!

2007 - #883708 - #77c8f7
2008 - #199932 - #e666cd
2009 - #515292 - #aead6d
2010 - #830652 - #7cf9ad
2011 - #146012 - #eb9fed
2012 - #462236 - #b9ddc9

Easter Egg

The other special thing about these certificates is that they feature real code that is present in our repositories since 2005 and that all of those being honored have gone through at least once in their life with Umit Project. It is also part of the About of the Umit Network Scanner and one of the places where we keep our permanent honors to all of those who helped our community.

The Certificates

Ok, enough details! Here are the certificates!