Monday, September 03, 2012

Google Summer of Code 2012 - Results

This summer was INTENSE!

Furious coding all around with these warriors! Lots of code delivered, and some neat new softwares all around to ease your life of network monitoring and internet connectivity monitoring.

Ladies and Gentlemen, join us congratulating the heroes!

Open Monitor All Star Team

Tianwei Liu

Desktop agent for Open Monitor: We call an agent the piece of software that goes in our user's devices and that keeps scanning for sites to confirm their status and sending reports to the aggregator so people can follow internet availability in real time from out main site. Read more about the desktop agent.

Dai Zhiwei

iOS agent for Open Monitor: Dai built from scratch an agent for iOS! Now, apple lovers can also be helpers in our pursuit to monitor the internet connectivity world wide. Read more about the ios agent.

Narendran Tangarajan

Distributed Hash Tables for inter peer communication between Open Monitor agents: This is a kademlia like approach at retrieving  location of peers in a scalable way without relying on a central server for such. Narendran implemented this solution for our android and desktop agents this summer. Read more about his work.


Mobile Sniffer and Android agent for Open Monitor: Finished up our mobile sniffer and improved our android agent. Both will be available from Google Play soon!

Orçun Avsar

Aggregator for Open Monitor: This is how we call the main server that receives, processes and displays the reports generated by the agents while testing the internet connectivity around the world. Read more about the aggregator.

Site Status

Alin Predoi

Not yet another site availability status, no. Our focus is on being a fail safe net that can receive traffic from your site in case your site fails and your users are about to see an ugly 500 server error message instead, and show them a friendly message from you and allowing them to subscribe to be notified as soon as your systems are back. This way, you won't lose that traffic that went on just when that leap second got updated and your servers went away.

Network Administrator

Amit Pal

A non cumbersome approach at monitoring your servers in the cloud (or somewhere else), without requiring complex setup and configurations. For those who want something easy to customize, this is definitely a killer for service monitoring and alarms. Read more about the Network Administrator.

Umit Network Scanner for Android

Gorjan Petrovski

Completely rethought interface, with concurrent scans support and natively built nmap scanner. Best of all: in your android device. This is what Gorjan accomplished this Summer, and that will soon be available in your Google Play store!

We're impressed with the amazing work these students managed to put together this Summer! Special thanks to Google, and specially to those who run this awesome program! Without it, we wouldn't have been able to go so far!