Monday, April 23, 2012

Selected students for Google Summer of Code 2012

This year, Umit Project have a record amount of proposals covering several of our proposed (a not proposed) ideas!

Google is being extremely generous with Umit, and allowed us to accept 9 students this year. Seriously, it felt like Christmas time! THANK YOU GOOGLE!

Please, join us welcoming the 9 brilliant students that will be coding like crazy this summer:

Narendram Thangarajan (India) - OpenMonitor Inter-Peer routing mechanism

Narendram was so committed to this GSoC, that he just started working on code since after sending his proposal. I've got the feeling that if we rejected him, he would still do this work no matter what! Of course he more than earned his slot, and he'll be working on adapting the Desktop and Mobile agents to communicate using a DHT protocol.

Tianwei Liu (China) - OpenMonitor Desktop Agent

Tianwei will be taking the Desktop Agent to the next level, and guarantee it works on all our platforms, shows useful connectivity stats for our users and that we have a strong release by the end of this Summer, as well as releasing an alpha pretty soon!

Zhiwei Dai (China) - OpenMonitor iOS Mobile Agent

If you were sad you couldn't run the Mobile Agent because you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you now have a reason to rejoice! iOS users will soon be able to report and verify internet connectivity in their regions with the same ease of use of the android version, but with the Apple mojo ;-) Zhiwei will make sure this agent will also support the DHT protocol so it can communicate with all other nodes and the aggregator.

Orçun Avsar (Turkey) - OpenMonitor Aggregator

This is how we call our main OpenMonitor site, from where people can freely check on internet connectivity status in anywhere on the globe. Orçun is a got an extremely important task of making sure aggregator is scalable, resilient and useful to our users. He's also going to invest on developing new maps and perspectives on connectivity issues so that the world can get an accurate perspective of what is going around the world.

Gautam Bajaj (India) - OpenMonitor Android Mobile Agent

Zubair managed to develop an awesome Android Mobile Agent for us last gsoc, and now he'll be mentoring Gautam to make an even better version of that agent and provide a nice interface for users to easily check on connectivity in their region without having to resort to the aggregator. Gautam was a successful Umit Summer of Code student from last year, when he managed to pull off the Mobile Sniffer for Android from scratch!

Alin Predoi (Romania) - Site Status

Whoever runs a company, with a site and several servers knows how hard it is to keep track of availability, and making sure that eventual (or even frequent) site or service crashes don't drive away users with a bad impression. Site Status is an attempt to provide a site with an availability status page just like the one on twitter and google app engine, and help users defer traffic to that page whenever site goes down so that users don't face an ugly error page and understand that site is going through difficulties and is going to be back in a few. That's going to be all about Alin's Summer this year, and I'm sure he's going to deliver a stunning app for Google AppEngine that people will love to use with their websites.

Amit Pal (India) - Network Administrator Improvements

Amit is another of these students that doesn't care if they're in or out of GSoC. He's just so eager to contribute, that he can't hold his fingers. He was another successful Umit Summer of Code student from last year, and even after summer he just kept contributing code non-stop. Hey Amit, I think you're going to have a lot of fun with Network Administrator this year, but make sure you find some time to get a tan, ok?

Gorjan Petrovski (Macedonia) - Umit Network Scanner for Android Improvements

Last year, Angad managed to deliver a very nice network scanning app for Android and we even published to Google Play. It is being a reasonable success so far, with nice amount of downloads, and no complains so far! Gorjan, will bring this app to the next level, by cross compiling Nmap for Android and revamping the interface to make you feel like you're scanning from your desktop. Make sure you don't miss this handy and useful tool in your Android!

Serdar Yigit (Turkey) - Packet Manipulator / Network Scanner

The Umit Network Scanner and the Packet Manipulator are the "senior" apps in our organization, and there is being a while since last release. Serdar is going to put an end to this fast and will make sure we deliver some good new features and release a stable version of each of these applications during his Summer of Code.

Welcome to the team guys! We're looking forward for a great Summer with all of you!

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