Saturday, August 27, 2011

OpenMonitor Mobile Agent: Screenshot Walkthrough

As mentioned in an earlier post, the GUI of the Mobile Agent has three main activities: InformationActivity, MapActivity and ControlActivity. This current post is going to serve as a user-guide using screenshots of the application. By default, the InformationActivity is launched at start-up:

This activity lists the connectivity scan results of both websites and services. As shown in the image, each website item can be selected to view more detailed results. For instance, selecting brings us to the following screen:

This view lists the status, status code, throughput and response time of Similarly, clicking on View Services leads us to the following list of services:

Like the websites list, a service can be selected to view scan details.
The next tab is of MapActivity. Clicking it launches the default mapping package: Google Maps. Each connectivity event -- website or service censorship is depicted by a red dot:

The same map frame in OSMDroid Maps:

Each red event dot can be selected to launch a dialog with more details: test type, event type and time of last scan:

The last tab is of ControlActivity and it allows the user to tweak various application-wide parameters:

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  1. I'm exciting to see the real deploy of the entire architecture. :)