Monday, August 29, 2011

Google Summer of Code 2011 Results

Google Summer of Code 2011 was over on August 22nd, but not for us here at Umit Project. Though we've send the code written up to the firm pencils down date, we kept working and working on our projects and some other organizational tasks that a program like GSoC requires from us. And we will still be cranking throughout the months to come, as we've got a lot to do with all these awesome projects that were developed during this summer.

Now, I'm thrilled to announce you the successful projects! Please, join us on congratulating these students and spreading the word about their projects!

We're still pushing and working hard to put everything together and make a release. Best way to get the news when it breaks, is to subscribe by email or following us on twitter. You should probably have done this by now, anyways.

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