Monday, May 02, 2011

Umit Summer of Code 2011 - First Announcement

I'm pleased to announce the first selected students for Umit Summer of Code 2011. This year we had several students applying with really good ideas, and even had some of them working on their proposals before the actual beginning of the USoC. Please, join me welcoming our talented USoC 2010 team:

  • Gautam Bajaj will be working on an open source mobile application to Android which aims to sniff packets. The main goal is to create an abstraction quite similar of what PacketManipulator does for the Desktop Version.
  • Charith Madusanka is a student that has a lot of experience with Web developing and will be helping us out in our Cloud initiatives.
  • Tiago Serra is going to work on PacketManipulator improvements, and also with our Audit Framework.
  • Gunjan Bansal is one of our USoC 2010 participant and this year is back for another around. He is the author of NetPID plugin and integration of BTSniffer in PacketManipulator. This year he'll be helping us out with the Packet Manipulator.
  • Niteesh Kumar is another student from USoC 2010. Last year he had contributed with improvements on the Message Sequence Chart Plugin. Moreover, he did a Umit Bluetooth integration that lives nowadays in the trunk branch of Network Scanner. This year he will continue his work with the Network Scanner and plans to contribute with the Packet Tracker Platform.
  • Eugene Melnichenko is a aiming at delivering some Zion improvements.
  • Amit Pal is a student that will get his hands dirty with our Cloud initiatives.
  • Dhritiman Hazarika is going to work in the Internet Connectivity Monitor team.
  • Anurag Panda proposed to work with Network Scanner.
  • Thiago Carísio will be working on new audits for the Packet Manipulator.
  • Anunay Inuganti is proposing to work on decoding of protocols for our Packet Manipulator.
  • Paul Pei will work in Internet Connectivity Monitor.
  • Thales Ribeiro will work on our Android Mobile initiatives.

This is our team for Umit Summer of Code 2011, and I'm pretty sure it is a winning one. Moreover, they will interect with other members of community and others mentors. As a community we're thrilled to have these ultra talented students helping us improve Umit's Open Source Softwares and make life easier for Network Administrators and Developers. Several kudos for all of you, and let the Umit Summer of Code begin!

PS: On the next steps - We’re creating a special mailing list for usoc purposes, and will be adding all of you to it. As soon as we get that done, we’ll be able to actually get started!

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