Friday, June 25, 2010

Umit Summer of Code 2010

I'm pleased to announce the selected students for Umit Summer of Code 2010. This year we had several students applying with really good ideas, and even had some of them working on their proposals before the actual beginning of the USoC. Please, join me welcoming our talented USoC 2010 team:
  1. Gunjan Bansal has proposed to work on a NetPID Plugin and integration of our Bluetooth Sniffer into Packet Manipulator. Ganja, as we call him, has already delivered some impressive results even before being accepted officially in our Umit Summer of Code 2010, and that gives him several kudos!
  2. Niteesh Kumar is working on a MSC Plugin and integration of our Bluetooth Scanner into Umit Network Scanner. Just ad Ganja, he is already working at full speed with his proposal!
  3. Neeraj Gupta is one of our participants of USoC 2009, and this year is back for another round improving Umit Network Scanner. Welcome back Neeraj!
  4. Shweta Agrawal is proposing to work on our Network Inventory, by getting it integrated into Umit Network Scanner with improvements. We're anxious to see this comming out, and Shweta is eager to get started.
  5. Carlos Eduardo is going to work on an implementation of the Protocol 802.21 for UMPA, just like him we all have being sorely missing this protocol at UMPA, but fortunately he came to our rescue.
  6. Francesco Piccino is one of our key contributors. He is the author of Umit Packet Manipulator and worked with us through Google Summer of Code since 2008 and this year is proposing to improve Umit Packet Manipulator as a Umit Summer of Code student. We're glad to have you with us!
  7. Luiz Medeiros is proposing to implement Plotstats for Umit Packet Manipulator, and we're sure this is going to be a great adition to one of our most important tools. Luiz has being already around in our community for a long time and we're glad to have him with us in this USoC 2010.
  8. Mahesh PM is another successful and talented student from USoC 2009, and we're glad to have him with us once again this year to work on improvements to Umit Network Scanner. Mahesh has impressed us with his good work, and we're sure it won't be different in this Umit Summer of Code.
This is our team for Umit Summer of Code 2010, and I'm pretty sure it is a winning one. As a community we're thrilled to have these ultra talented students helping us improve Umit's Open Source Softwares and make life easier for Network Administrators and Developers. Several kudos for all of you, and let the Umit Summer of Code begin!

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