Sunday, May 30, 2010

Umit Summer of Code 2010 - Call for Participants

Umit Summer of Code is our own parallel program to Google Summer of Code. The goal is to have those great projects and students working with us during this summer to create some high quality open source software.


Unfortunatelly, we don't have any budget to afford the same stippend the Google Summer of Code students will receive from Google. But, we can offer a lot of benefits for all of those who wants to volunteers for our Umit Summer of Code.

  • A mentor assigned to conduct and help you throughtout your project. That's the best way to get into Open Source for real, and receive tips and guidelines from folks who already develop successful Open Source software. You're not going to find that experience in any how-to or tutorial in the internet.

  • Your project and your name spreaded along with Umit. Whenever Umit goes, your name and project will go also.

  • Boost your resume. That's something that you can definetly mention in your resume, and will certainly boost it.

  • Experience. You'll get development experience that you'll hardly have somewhere else. You'll face issues on several topics, and will have to provide a high quality software to wide range of users world wide.

  • Google T-Shirt. One of the most important parts ;-). You'll receive a Google T-Shirt after USoC for your participation and success.

  • A Bluetooth Dongle for the student that will integrate Bluetooth Sniffer.

  • Certificate. We'll provide you with an official Umit Project participation certificate, which may even include hours if you think that may help you with your university.

  • Credits. We'll mention your work and name along with all announcements we'll do for our sponsored students.

  • Recommendation letter. Through your work, we'll get to know you and we'll certainly be pleased to write you a recomendation letter for whatever purpose you may need. Some students have already benefited from our recomendation letters.

More details on our program page:

Everyone is welcome to participate! We'll be receiving proposals until June 19th.

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