Sunday, November 22, 2009

Umit SoC 2009 - Results

Hi Everybody,

This year we launched a program similar to Google Summer of Code dubbed Umit Summer of Code. The whole idea is to support all students who would want to contribute to the Umit Project in parallel to Google Summer of Code. The project was had introduced a new concept of a mentor and a co-mentor that is inside the project where students should be comfortable to ask some questions. It had another contributors involved, to be sure that students had support.

We developed the idea early this year and followed through it. The contributions of students were apparent in June.

As we wrap the project for this year, we're still supporting contributors of the program and integrating them. It has been a great first year and we look forward to USoC 2010!

Now the results:

Abhiram Kasina [3]: He is from IIT Kharagpur, India that worked on the Message Sequence Chart (MSC) plugin [1] for PacketManipulator [2]

Plugin is able to create a chart from the packets sent and received between machines. The strength of this project lies in the ability to use a sequence of filters on the packet flow captured. For example, this could only show TCP packets between and, involved in a 3-way handshake. These charts can be saved as png/svg images for further use. The source code can be found in MSC svn branch [5].

Mahesh PM [4] : He is a student from Thiruvalla, India working on a transversal area in Umit Project. The major part of his work was developing a Test Suite for Umit Network Scanner. He developed test cases for part of core files, and fixing couple of bugs in Network Scanner. The test suite code can be found in UmitTestSuite branch [6].
He also did a Slax live distribution based with Umit tools installed.

Another students still working: We have another two students: Neeraj Gupta, from India and João Pedro Lemos, from Brasil working in the program. He didn't finish the project yet, but they are still working on it. Actually Neeraj is working on NVDB parser and a plugin for discover web contents for Umit Network Scanner. João Pedro Lemos is working on Umit packing in Fedora and RPM based distros.

Thanks for the guys that make it possible!

Stay tunned!

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Google SoC Mentor Summit 2009


We arrived in San Francisco International Airport(SFO) on Wednesday night and almost lost our way to meet each other after our grueling flights. We stayed around the airport for the night and planned for our visit to San Francisco on the next day. We had a blast visiting spots like the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco and Fisherman's Wharf.

Finally Friday came and we departed from downtown to Mountain View. We took the BART then exchanged to a Caltrain line which was marred with adventures. We met someone with a GSoC T-Shirt, a Polish guy, Tomasz Kosiak, from Tcl/Tk. The shirt had an aura for the attendees when we met other GSoC folks from Git and Drupal where we boarded the train and talked about the summit and activities to divulge around. The train stopped at Sunny Vale and we took a cab to meet the folks of the open source world!

We met a lot of guys during the dinner and it was a awesome night, with awesome *geek* talks. :)

The Mentor Summit is a two day event over the weekend where every participants are exposed talks and are allowed to propose an hour long talk which would be voted by the masses if its interesting enough to be slotted into the summit. The talks would span throughout the event.

After the breakfast in Googleplex, we went up to the second floor to propose our talk on "Customizing GSoC" which was scheduled it at 4pm on Saturday.

In the summit kickoff talk, we met Fyodor, from the Nmap Project. Right after that, we attended several talks on Security and finer points of the GSoC program where it was highly interactive and enlightening to a point.

We receive a GSoC Mentoring Guide that you can be found there. The guide was done at a blazing speed so good job folks!

Our talk on "Customizing GSoC" was a good hour discussing ways to improve and customize GSoC. It's great to see Ellen Ko sharing our view and she had given a talk about it at the Atlanta Linux Fest. We shared our experiences on Umit SoC and detailed our approach.

Some important points that we'd like share with you guys:

- Create a comprehensive developer guide based with insights from developers and students
- Keep up USoC and improve the best we can
- Open Source rocks!

Luís and Devtar