Friday, September 04, 2009

Google Summer of Code 2009 Results

Please, join us congratulating all of our GSoC students for 2009! This year we had 5 students sponsored by Google, and all of them succeeded in their projects this year. Here is a brief description of their projects, and what they had accomplished with Google's stippend.

  1. Quick Scan (Daniel Cassiano) - This project's goal is to offer the fastest way to run scans in the network. To use it, just hit a key stroke, and start typing the scan query and the results will appear on the fly. If you need more details, just open Umit to see it from there.
  2. Zion (João Paulo Medeiros) - Zion is a project that aims discover operating systems (OS fingerprinting) and network security systems through the network using a new methodology created by João Paulo Medeiros.
  3. Bluetooth Sniffer (Shu Yang Quek) - Bluetooth Sniffing capabilities for the masses: the goal is to offer sniffing capabilities through our software using regular buetooth dongles. No special hardware needed.
  4. UMPA Improvements (Bartosz Skowron) - Bartosz came once again this year to improve his project by implementing features like packets receiving capabilities, asynchronous scheduler and template system.
  5. Audits Framework (Francesco Piccinno) - A general framework to create general attacks, with the help of UmitPlugins infrastructure, XML and schema files and Python language. The project also includes a complete set of common attacks, with point and click and pwn semantic.
Congratulations you all for your huge success this year!

We have also some other folks working on our parallel Umit Summer of Code 2009 program, and they're also doing great! Stay tunned for news about them!

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