Friday, August 21, 2009

Py2exe, Python2.6 and Manifest - Error

Hi Guys,

When I was made a package of Umit Network Scanner in Windows there is a problem annoying me and probably will do it with users:

dnet: Failed to open device eth8

This issue is related with Nmap [0] and Umit Network Scanner need to run in administrator mode in Windows Vista and Windows 7 family.

So how you do that?

There is a article in MSDN [1] talking about that issue, then I was thinking to create a manifest file and put it there. And it seems works nice on Windows 7 and Windows Vista, but not in Window XP. There I got something like:

This application has failed to start because MSVCR90.dll was not found

After saw it I thought that it easier to fix and put the missing dll in the folder, but it still doesn't works:

common error: R6034 - "The application has attempted to load the runtime library incorrectly. Contact support for more information"

Finally I went to py2exe website [2] and I checked out some examples to do UAC - User Account Control in svn version of py2exe [3].

app = dict(script="",

Easier no? :)

This fix was applied in r5320 [4].

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