Saturday, April 11, 2009

Umit 1.0-BETA2 Release

I'm pleased to announce the release of Umit 1.0-BETA2, featuring a lot of fixes and improvements. Last release was a success, and we integrated a lot of new features that our students have developed during last Summer of Codes. This 1.0 serie is very special, and we recomend everyone to try. If possible, please, report any bug that you may find.

Main changes:
  • We changed documentation [0]. Now, we're using sphinx, and it looks great.
  • Changed our module structure. Now, instead of umitCore and umitGUI we have umit.core and umit.gui . If you've being using our modules, ask for help in our devel mailing list [1] to see the best way to update your code.
  • Fixed an old issue related to .umit configuration files while updating to a new version of Umit. You don't need to care about these files anymore, while updating Umit.
  • Improved our installers.
  • Conducted other fixes reported.
If you're interested in the full change log, please take a look at our new changelog page [2]. Thanks to Guilherme Polo, who developed this changelog solution for us.

If you find any bug, please report it using our Trac[3], or using the bug report tool that comes with Umit, and that you can access in the main interface.

Download the installers, or source packages, here[4].

Special thanks to our dedicated community, which have being working hard on delivering a better Umit (alphabetical order): Bartosz Skowron, Daniel Cassiano, Devtar Singh, Francesco Piccino, Guilherme Polo, João Medeiros, Luís Silva, Rodolfo Carvalho.

Kind Regards,

[0] - Umit's new documentation
[1] - Umit's Development Mailing List
[2] - Changelog Page
[3] - Trac
[4] - Download Page

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