Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer of Code 2009

I'm pleased to announce the students that are going to work on Umit Project during this Google Summer of Code. This year we received 26 great proposals, but we got only 5 sponsored slots from Google. It was very tough to decide on which projects to sponsor, and we tried to base our decision on what would be the best for the Organization future.

This year, like the past one, we used a selection criteria in which we asked students to accomplish some tasks and interact with community to measure students' responsiveness, dedication, interest, personality and experience.

Although these tasks were important to rank students, we actually use other subjective meanings to decide on who is getting the slot. One of the parameters we use to decide is the proposal's importance for the organization and how we see it fitting on our long term goals, how well structured is the proposal, time the student will have available to dedicate on the project, etc.

Unfortunatelly, we had to let some really nice folks outside this year. We fought really hard to get more slots so we could fit everybody in, but we couldn't get more from Google. We understand that they're doing their best to embrace all the open source community, and we're grateful for whatever we can take.

For all the students we couldn't accept, we sincerely wish that they could stay around and get involved on the project. Although they couldn't get into Summer of Code this year, they can always get into Umit Project, and they will always be welcome to participate and help. By doing this, you'll get a boost in your resume and you'll greatly increase your chances for Summer of Code next year.

Another important detail from this year selection, is that this we had a brave young willing to participate as a volunteer, because he isn't 18 yet and he can't participate officially according to Google's rules. He desires to be subject to the same rules, deadlines and requirements that our sponsored students and he proposed it to be like that since the beginning. That's a wonderful example of dedication and desire to participate. We hope to see more examples like him!

Here follows the list of our selected students:
And our hero:
Please, join us welcoming them! And follow us throughout our Summer of Code on our Blog or Twitter.

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  1. Open Source doesn't mean GSoC. I'm hoping that some guys would decide to stay with Umit and work for their projects.
    I have seen some proposals and some of them are really good and I wouldn't like to lose them.