Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Umit 0.9.5 released

Hi everyone!

We're happy to say we finally have a stable release. We fixed bugs, language files and complemented documentation.

Try it and let us know if you have any trouble. You can send a message to this mailing list or, if you find a bug, please report on our trac[1].

Changes since RC2:

- Changes on tarball, now it does not have *.mo (binary) files
- Fixed icons directory, it was causing problems on uninstall_umit
- Fixed CrashReport message - now have formatted view on trac
- Added number version in components of Umit (umitGUI, umitCore, higwidgets) - it is useful to view if umit is using old stuff in CrashReports.
- Remove some lines that was debuging and it was freezing Umit in some situations (Search Scans and CrashReport)
- Update keyboard shortcuts for Profiles Deletion (it was in conflict with another shortcuts)
- Update language files
- Complement documentation

You can download Umit from here:



Now we are ready to start integration of the projects of GSoC and make several improvements on Umit.
Stay tunned!


[1] http://trac.umitproject.org

Luís Silva and Rodolfo Carvalho

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  1. I'm looking forward to see Umit with merged new features provided by students!

    good job!