Saturday, August 30, 2008

Google Summer of Code Results

I'm pleased to announce that our Summer of Code was a total success! This year, we had the honor to mentor 5 Google Summer of Code's students for Umit Project, and we have grown quite a lot because of their efforts. We passed with all the 5 through the mid term evaluation, but unfortunatelly we had to drop one, and we finished with 4 students. Fortunatelly, the droped students got his personal reasons that avoided him to accomplish his project, but his skills and contributions to the Umit Project are undeniable.

Join me congratulating our heros and their respective projects!

  • Bartosz Adam Skowron is from Poland, and created UMPA, a backend for packet manipulation. He has worked along with Francesco, who created the frontend to actually manipulate the packets using UMPA. This is quite a great project, because it can be used by other projects indepentenly of Umit.
  • Devtar Singh is from Malaysia, and have delivered the Umit Bluetooth Scanner, which is soon to be integrated and distributed by the time we release our next stable version. He has just posted in this very blog a screencast and some description about his tool.
  • Francesco Piccinnois from Italy, and have impressed us with the two projects he has delivered this Summer of Code: the Plugins System and the Packet Manipulation Interface. Also, he has created several widgets for networking and usability improvement.
  • Luís António Bastião Silva is from Portugal, and helped Umit a lot in several aspects, managing to create ports for macports, app package for Mac OS, deb packages for Ubuntu (and managed to get us into Ubuntu's repository), fixed several bugs and created the Preferences Window for Umit.

Stay tunned to our mailing lists, as we're burning it discussing about integration of GSoC projects, and soon we're going to release more news regarding Umit.

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