Tuesday, July 15, 2008

EuroPython 2008 - the lighting talk / the sprint

EuroPython 2008

EuroPython[1] is a 3-days conference and 3-days sprint time. The conference is very famous in Europe (and other continents). Python's geeks come from all countries and if I would like to summarize it in few words, I would say: IT ROCKS!
This year the conference was in Vilnius, Lithuania at Reval Hotel.

The Lighting Talk

So, during the conference there were lighting talks[2]. As always they were very interesting and the hall was totally crowded. One of these talks was about Umit Project.

There were some technical problems. As you can see on the pictures that slides were moved and some parts of them were cut. Because of this issue we lost 1.5 minute of 5 mins. So the presentation was pretty short.
I had to skip some words which I would like to say. I was a bit nervous because of the technical problem, lost the time and...it was my first english talk ever.
At least I think it wasn't too bad and people liked it. We've got some feedback from some geeks. That is very nice!

The sprint

After first 3-days, we dived into the sprint. The Umit Project sprint team was pretty small. It was just me and one new folk who is became interested into Umit Project. Unfortunately he had to leave the conference after a half of first sprint day, because of his flight back to home (he didn't plan to make a sprint before he heard about Umit).
The sprint was very nice. I put a big effort into the project. I was developing UMPA library. I refactored a base protocol code and wrote some others things.

At the and, I would like to say, that i can't wait till next chance to make a sprint. I hope there will be more of you and we will do some extreme programming then!

[1] http://europython.org
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_Talk

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