Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Then, other very special students

As we couldn't afford every talented student that applied this year, we had to make some tough choices. Some students were very special, and we really would love to work with them.

Fortunatelly, some students are so dedicated and willing to work with open source that they're going to work with us on a parallel SoC as volunteers. That clearly shows how interested and dedicated those students are, and they deserve our praise. We'll be recognizing them by giving them all the credits, treat them just like another GSoCer and emit a certificate of participation with the Umit Project brand. Please, join us welcoming the heroes:

  • Daniel Mendes Cassiano (Centro Universitario Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo, Brazil) - Daniel has applied this year for Quick Scan idea. I had the pleasure of acquainting him at the International Free Software Forum this year, and there I could see how talented he is. I'm sure that his work is going to make the difference on Umit usability and utility to our network administrators.
  • Túlio Gonçalves (Federal University of Goias, Goiania, Brazil) - Túlio is willing to work with Daniel on Quick Scan project, and if time allow them, they might both work on other independent features after having their Quick Scan project ready. Túlio is also very excited and interested on participating, and althought it is a newcome at the technologies which Umit relies on, he has demonstrated a fierce desire of learning and improving

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  1. Great students. It's a honour working with students that offers your time to produce open source software to community.

    Thanks !