Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Then, other very special students

As we couldn't afford every talented student that applied this year, we had to make some tough choices. Some students were very special, and we really would love to work with them.

Fortunatelly, some students are so dedicated and willing to work with open source that they're going to work with us on a parallel SoC as volunteers. That clearly shows how interested and dedicated those students are, and they deserve our praise. We'll be recognizing them by giving them all the credits, treat them just like another GSoCer and emit a certificate of participation with the Umit Project brand. Please, join us welcoming the heroes:

  • Daniel Mendes Cassiano (Centro Universitario Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo, Brazil) - Daniel has applied this year for Quick Scan idea. I had the pleasure of acquainting him at the International Free Software Forum this year, and there I could see how talented he is. I'm sure that his work is going to make the difference on Umit usability and utility to our network administrators.
  • Túlio Gonçalves (Federal University of Goias, Goiania, Brazil) - Túlio is willing to work with Daniel on Quick Scan project, and if time allow them, they might both work on other independent features after having their Quick Scan project ready. Túlio is also very excited and interested on participating, and althought it is a newcome at the technologies which Umit relies on, he has demonstrated a fierce desire of learning and improving

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, the selected students for GSoC 2008 are...

This year, Umit received 5 slots! It is less than last year, but as the number of organizations has increased to 175 (last year Google sponsored 130) and the number of slots have not grown accordingly, it was expected that we wouldn't have the same 7 slots that we had last year.
The selection phase this year was improved, and we primed for students efforts and interaction with communities. From the selection phase, Umit was translated to 6 new languages, and Umit's website was translated to 4 new languages. Also, we had a lot of patches sent by proponents, documentations, usability improvements and all sort of contributions that an open source project would like to have. Based on each student dedication, I have ranked them. up or down Unfortunatelly, as we can't have infinit slots for every dedicated students we had, we had to leave some good folks behind this year.
I encourage every student that was not accepted this year to stay with us, and keep contributng just as you did during the selection phase. That will totally rank you up for next year. Being an active contributor to Umit without being a SoCer is a huge sign of dedication to the project. The next Umit release will feature the name of every proponent that has contributed this year, and I'll keep giving credits to all of you who keep contributing to the project despite not being a 2008's SoCer.

Here follows the selected students for GSoC 2008 at Umit Project:

  • Bartosz Adam Skowron (Wroclaw University Of Technology, Poland) - Bartosz is going to write the backend for the Packet Manipulation Interface. He has been very dedicated to Umit, and his goal is to use the odds of his project in his Master Theses.
  • Devtar Singh (Multimedia University, Malacca, Malaysia) - He proves that being dedicated to the project without being a SoCer is a huge plus. Devtar was not selected last year as student, but he kept along with us learning the stuffs he would need to participate this year. He is going to work on Bluetooth scan, Vulnerabilities database system and some independent features.
  • Francesco Piccinno (Università degli studi di Milano, Italy) - Francesco is very excited about participating this year, and he is going to work on Plugins for Umit and a beautiful frontend for the Packet Manipulation Interface. He has already put some effort on improving Umit's usability, and has shown the desirable dedication we have expected for a selected student.
  • Luis Antonio Bastiao Silva (University of Aveiro, Portugal) - Luis is one of our successful students from last year, and he created the Interface Editor, which lets Umit's user to edit and customize the Umit's wizard and profile editor interfaces. This year he came for a second round, aiming to deliver the Interface Editor improved, integrate it to Umit main interface, create a powerful Preferences Window and work on independent features in the left hours. Luis has been an example for other students, as he kept himself a regular commiter after GSoC, and leaded the creation and development of our new website.
  • Rodolfo da Silva Carvalho (Wizard English Courses, Goiania, Brazil) - Rodolfo is another super success that worked with us last year. He is responsible for our lovely UmitWeb interface, and is back for a second round improving it and working on independent features. He worked with Luis on our new website, and has always been very dedicated to the project.

Our development is going to take place on umit-devel mailing list, and everyone is invited to help us and participate on development there. Nmap has received it's own slots as well, and they are willing to put some effort on improving Zenmap (A Umit's fork). We're looking forward to help each other on the task of improving these great Nmap interfaces, and make network admins lifes easier. Join us welcoming these talented students!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Application submissions are officially over

As Leslie[0] announced, applications are in and submission is over. We had 28 applications, just the same number we had last year. The overall quality of the applications have increased, and I believe we didn't have more applicants because of the growth of participants organizations that have spreaded students.

Today, I started our new evaluation process, which will require more interaction and dedication from proponents. Hopefully, the selection criteria will help hunt some bugs on Umit and increase the number of documentation relatated to the project.

In order to spread the word about GSoC and Umit, I made a video and secured some translations to it. You can view them all in this link: http://www.umitproject.org/ideas and they're going to be there for a while until we create a separate section to hold Umit videos in our website.

The amount of views we had for the different translations of the video were:
  • Portuguese/Brazil - 1.183 views
  • Portuguese/Portugal - 44 views
  • Spanish - 340 views
  • English - 1.232 views
  • Total - 2.699 views of our video

[0] - http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2008/04/applications-are-in.html