Monday, October 08, 2007

Umit 0.9.5-RC1, UmitWeb 0.1-B1 and New Project Web Site

I'm pleased to announce the Umit 0.9.5 Release Candidate 1, UmitWeb 0.1 Beta 1 and the new Umit Web Site which were designed by João Paulo Pacheco and developed by e effort of volunteers leaded by Luís Bastião which were a GSoC 2007 student of Umit this year. Yet, this Umit release won't feature most of the GSoC exciting projects that we had this year, such as the Umit Mapper, the Interface Editor or the Network Inventory. Those are going to be integrated to Umit and released in a latter version after the stable release of version 0.9.5. This release is the result of several bug fixes, and the integration of all the work done by Adriano and Frederico on the Independent Features project during this Google Summer of Code. The Umit 0.9.5-RC1 and UmitWeb 0.1-B1 are currently available for download at the source forge project page[1] in the following formats:

  • Source packages compressed in the formats: tar.gz, tar.bz2 and zip
  • Windows installer with Umit and every related dependencies
Windows users won't have any problem while installing Umit using the installer. I tested umit installers in Windows XP Professional (Without Service pack) and everything seens to be ok.

Linux users should take a look at README file inside source packages for installation instructions.

What's new?
  • Fixed some installation issues
  • Fixed some issues related to configuration files and files permissions
  • Now you can run umit giving it some command line arguments
  • There are some usability improvements made as well, and the crash report tool were improved also
  • Some core improvements were made also, making Umit more stable and reliable
  • Fixed the loads of bugs reported on our bug tracker


[1] Umit project download page at source forge:
[2] Umit project bug report page at source forge:
[3] Umit repository (anonymous read access allowed):
[4] Umit website:
[5] Umit Blog: