Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The UmitMapper

Hi friends,

The UmitMapper is a tool to visualize networks topology, and security informations about it. The propose sent to Nmap and Umit called RadialNet, and can be found here. I'm presenting you with a demonstration of UmitMapper tool. At this time you can get it in the SVN. I'm working in a tarball release at now. Bellow you can view the video demonstration.

I hope that this tool is useful for all. Suggestions and comments are wellcome. To test the UmitMapper download it from SVN.

svn co umit

Run the Umit with the command: sudo python umit. The use of privileged user is a requirement of Nmap traceroute. Instructions to use the tool are in the README_GSOC file in the SVN. Bellow some screenshots:

To understand how to work the visualization you can read the GSoC proposal here. The UmitMapper is tested under Linux and Mac OS, but probably work in windows too.

Att, João Paulo de Souza Medeiros.


  1. umitMapper is a great tool. Umit will became more powerful with that.

    Congratulations ;)

  2. UmitMapper looks really nice! I hope to try it out someday. :)

  3. Excellent... now if it can just use the same visualization scheme/format as cheops / cheops-ng.

    Network topology diagrams with little circles instead of computers and routers and nice little printer icons...

  4. Hi! Great!
    Please mail me UMaper :) becouse i can't download it :(

  5. UmitMapper is only available on svn repository! Soon we're going to integrate it to mainstream and release a new version of Umit! Stay tunned!

  6. Hi! New Umit RC is out but without Mapper!
    Also please take moment about making script for windows installer