Monday, August 20, 2007

Umit Interface Editor


I'm here to present you with my work developed during this Google Summer of Code.
My project was renamed of 'Profile and Wizard Editor' to 'Umit Interface Editor' sometime ago. But I want tell you that my work is most over the first name. But Umit Interface Editor sounds better and it's a very good approach of what is my project.
I would like announce a little modification about a implementation. Now the options at options.xml have arg_type. This is a detail important refer because some people use profile, options and wizard in your GSoC projects. Feel free to criticize and comment.
A new way of Edit Profiles was introduce at UMIT. I call to it: Profile Manager.
Focus on the Umit Interface Editor basically it's a editor of xml file: profile_editor.xml, wizard.xml and options.xml. It use the same way that manually you should be. There are three mode of editing: Profile, Wizard And Options. In the Options Edit mode you can add, remove, update the options, changing name, args etc. The Profile and Wizard was edited by the same way. In a notebook you can add/remove/rename/move sections (Tabs). And the same for items, you can add, remove, move, rename new options using the Option List created using Option Edit Mode.

Use at my brach: python umit -e or python umit and go menubar: Profile > Interface Editor and Profile Manager.

About this Google Summer of Code I should say that I like this experience very much . I never development anything like this. I learn a lot in different areas. I learn things that I never will know in the University, it's a great great Summer for me.
Soon as possible I will do another post to talk about the new improvements of my project. But my mainly concern is change in the kind of write xml files and change edit mode of Wizard.

Below it's a video of a demo 'Umit Interface Editor' that I recorded. I'm apologize of my bad bad English. It's only to you see. Sorry next try should be better, I promise.



  1. Great work and very nice presentation.

    Best Regards to you all and keep the good work.

  2. Hi!
    Please, can u mail me Umit Interface Editor.. i can't download it :(

  3. Unfortunatelly, none of the GSoC Projects, but the independent features, are available for download currently. Soon we're going to integrate the projects and release a new major umit version. Stay tunned!

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