Saturday, August 11, 2007

Try it again

Hello again,

I'm posting more news about Network Inventory, Scheduler and "standard" UMIT.

Many things have changed, again, to better. I will be listing major changes since 30th July, 2007 here:
  • Changes in UMIT:
    • Configuration files are updated when a new version is installed, this fixes:
      • Problems most users had, something like UMIT raising Errors because it couldn't find config files and some other things.
    • Directories structure is cleaner now
  • Changes in Scheduler GUI:
    • It will show some warnings when you try to run it as a normal user inside UMIT or Network Inventory;
    • I've made its interface a bit more generic, so both at umit interface as well NI interface, you will see the same Schedulter interface.
    • Scheduler option 'Save outputs to' now expects only a directory.
  • Changes in Scheduler Core:
    • It cleans up temporary files correctly when it stops;
    • The Cron Parser used on it now uses ',' as separator instead of ';' ;
    • Writes log messages to $HOME/.umit/scheduler.log;
    • You can start Scheduler specifying some umit config dir, so you can start it at system startup, or by some other user and use other user config dir (if you can write to it of course);
  • Changes in Network Inventory GUI:
    • You can view Timeline for single hosts;
    • Graph Preferences starts with current Timeline graph settings now;
    • Added auto-refresher for Timeline, default is 5 minutes;
    • Added refresh option to Options in Changes list display (Historic visualization);
    • It is possible to run scans whenever you want now, right clicking on some Inventory at Historic tab;
    • You can view hosts by ipv4 address (like before), ipv6, mac or hostname (default now) at Historic now. In case a host doesn't have the correspondent data for current view mode, it fallbacks to ipv4 address.
    • Added a dialog for controlling data removal;
  • Changes in Network Inventory Core:
    • Added support for removing data that is N days old;
Besides these changes, I've done a lot of code cleanup and some improvements too.

Also, a quick installation guide follows:
  1. Remove your old umit installation:
    • Run uninstall_umit and then remove your $HOME/.umit;
  2. Fetch new version: svn co
  3. Install new version:
    • cd ggpolo (path to where you checked out my repo)
    • sudo python install_scripts/linux/ install
  4. Run it:
    • umit
If it failed to run, tell me the problem and I will fix as soon as I can.

Now, a screenshot. The GUI is basically the same as previous version, and in this one I don't have much data as you can see by my Timeline graph:
Latest Network Inventory screenshot

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