Monday, July 09, 2007

Nmap 4.22SOC1 with Umit Released!

A brand new alpha version of Nmap with some work done by Google Summer of Code students has been released[1], and Umit is been send along with Nmap and other students improvements. We're hopefull to have more people trying Umit, reporting more bugs[2] and giving us more feedback!

If you're curious to know what Umit's students are working on, join us on trying our software and checkout our repository. The student's works are separated by diretories inside the branch dir.
  • bass_boy (Rodolfo) - The UmitWeb! Run and point your browser to localhost:8059. Login: user1, Password: 123
  • ggpolo (Guilherme) - Network Inventory and Scan Scheduler. Execute python umit -i
  • hildon (Adriano) - Porting of Umit interface to Maemo
  • indep_features (Adriano and Frederico) - Independent features and bug hunting.
  • joao (João) - UmitMapper. Run a scan, and take a look on the shinny new tab that shows João's radial map of your network.
  • k0p (Luís Bastião) - Umit Interface Editor. A better way to customize your Umit's profile and wizard interfaces. Run umitInterfaceEditor/
  • max (Max) - NSE Facilitator. An easier way to play and create your NSE Scripts.
  • pavel (Pavel) - Nmap Python Wrapper. A module intended to let you do things like: import nmap; nmap.run_scan("localhost")
  • umitdb (Guilherme and João) - A new Database schema and module for Umit. Better arrangement, and other stuffs improved.

The only thing we're missing is you trying it out, and having fun with us!


[1] - Nmap 4.22SOC1 Release announcement -
[2] - Umit's Bug Tracker -

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