Monday, July 30, 2007

Network Inventory updates

I've been working on UMIT Network Inventory mainly and since July 16th many things have been done to make it better ;)

Like I said before, Timeline was being integrated with NI and now it is ready to use.

What things have changed since two weeks ago:
  • Select between "Yearly View", "Monthly View", "Daily View" and "Hourly View";
  • Filter settings are kept, before, changing graph mode or something else would reset it;
  • TLBarDisplay (an "extra" widget for Timeline) now has a nice color transition effect;
  • Changes listing have been reworked, so it was possible to use it inside Timeline;
  • More ways for grabbing data;
  • A lot of several minor (and some not so minor) things have been done, to make it possible to Timeline work with all new changes.
What you cannot do on current Network Inventory yet:
  • Configure something to remove data older than N days;
  • A more flexible data range setting;
  • Search for changes over time*;
* You cannot search for changes, but you can search for several other things that will return results that includes changes over time.

There are probably many other things, I just pointed something that I considered most needed.

You can view Latest UMIT Network Inventory screenshot


  1. I am going to guess we can't dl your little tool to use? It does Look really damn nice.. What type of platforms are you supporting for it?

  2. Hi john,

    You can download it through svn:
    svn co

    I would appreciate very much if you used it.

    Thanks for the "really damn nice" =)

    For the platforms, I will be supporting every platform UMIT runs. Right now, I have tested it mostly on Linux.

    Thanks for your time :)

  3. More info:

    After checking out a copy of my repository, you may run it as:

    python umit -i, or you may install it through python install

    If you are using Windows, you will need something like TortoiseSVN, nmap and pygtk installed correctly. I haven't tested it at all on Windows till now tho

  4. Thanks for the reply. I will try it out at work and at home. See if I can get running..

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