Sunday, August 13, 2006

Umit 0.8.2-testing release announcement

I'm pleased to announce the Umit 0.8.2 testing release. This release features some bug fixes and usability improvements. If you have the 0.8.1-testing, you're encouraged to download the 0.8.2-testing and use it instead. The 0.8.2-testing release is currently available for download at the source forge project page[1] in the following formats:
  • Source packages compressed in the formats: tar.gz, tar.bz2 and zip (Higwidgets included)
  • Windows installer with Umit and Higwidgets only
  • Windows installer with Umit, Higwidgets and every related dependencies
Windows users won't have any problem while installing Umit using the installers. I tested umit installers in Windows XP Professional (Without Service pack), Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise.

Linux users should take a look at README file inside source packages for installation instructions.

* For detailed installation instructions, please visit this page[6] *

About this testing release:

This release features fixed bug that were reported by users, plus some usability improvements also suggested by them.

What's new?
  • Nmap colored output - Fixed a bug that was avoiding the highlight of some ports.
  • Bug Report error dialog - Fixed the bug that was showing the error dialog sayng that the bug was not sent.
  • Save results loaded from search - Now you're able to load a search result and save it in file
  • Fixed the Command Constructor Wizard bug, that was avoiding the use of a just created profile. Now you can create a profile and use it without the need of restarting the application.
  • Usability: added load on double-click feature at search window. Now, you can load a found result by double-clicking on it, instead of selecting it and clicking on the Open Button (you still can do so, if you like this way!).
  • Changed the Bug report key-stroke. It was the same used by the "New profile with selected" window. Now, the bug report key-stroke is CTRL+B.
  • Improved the Compare mode of the Compare Results window by making the parents reflect its children status. If a parent has a child with a status different from UNCHANGED, the parent will indicate this by showing its status as MODIFIED. This will help you find changes withou the need of openning everything you see.


[1] Umit project download page at source forge:
[2] Umit project bug report page at source forge:
[3] Umit repository (anonymous read access allowed):
[4] Umit website:
[5] Umit Blog:
[6] Umit Installation Docs:


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