Thursday, July 20, 2006

Umit 0.7.1-testing release announcement

Howdy ho! I just released another testing release from what I've been doing during Summer of Code. The 0.7.1-testing release is currently available for download at the source forge project page[1] in the following formats:
  • Source packages compressed in the formats: tar.gz, tar.bz2 and zip (Higwidgets included)
  • Windows installer with Umit and Higwidgets only
  • Windows installer with Umit, Higwidgets and every related dependencies
Windows users won't have any problem while installing Umit using the installers. I tested umit installers in Windows XP Professional (Without Service pack), Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise.

Linux users should take a look at README file inside source packages for installation instructions.

* For detailed installation instructions, please visit this page[6] *

About this testing release:

There are two major features included in this brand new testing release, that is the Services View feature, that lets you order hosts by selecting one or more services, and the Search Results feature, that saves your scan results into a database for latter search and use.

If you did find any bug, please, register it at source forge project bug page[2], describing it as better as you can and if is that the case, try to send also the nmap command, output, and XML output that caused the problem. Try to be as clearer as possible, so I can fix it faster. ;-)

What's new?
  • Services View - Select one or more services, and discover which hosts are serving them.
  • Search Results - Search through directories and the Umit's database for previously saved results.
  • More bugs fixed.


[1] Umit project download page at source forge:
[2] Umit project bug report page at source forge:
[3] Umit repository (anonymous read access allowed):
[4] Umit website:
[5] Umit Blog:
[6] Umit Installation Docs:

PS: The release version at the about dialog is updated, as promissed! ;-)