Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Umit at Summer of Code 2006!

I just received my application result: ACCEPTED!
Now Umit is part of the Summer of Code program once again. Here follows the main goals for this SoC:
  • Colored Nmap Output
  • Parsing performance improvement
  • Fix non-root user errors
  • Add a services view to the interface
  • Search on results
  • Improve the compare results window
  • Add a progress bar to indicate nmap execution progress
  • Improve stability
  • Write documentation
  • Improve HTML diff design
And a few others features that should be developed if I have enough time for then.
I'll be releasing a testing version every week (or almost every week). So, users will be able to download it and test new features to point bugs and suggest improvements.

Another good new is that Umit will replace NmapFE to become the default GUI for Nmap on all platforms, and it will be sent with Nmap.

Here is the Fyodor's announce of the accepted students (just the Umit quote):
"Adriano Monteiro Marques was a SoC student
last summer working on an
advanced portable Nmap GUI
and results viewer in PyGTK. The result,
UMIT, is now available
for download at . He is quitting his current
summer job to join us again and make even
more improvements
to UMIT. The ultimate goal is for UMIT to replace
NmapFE as
the default GUI for Nmap on all platforms. Obviously it

isn't going to "replace" the command-line interface we all love.
But once UMIT comes with Nmap, I hope to never again receive emails
from confused Windows users saying "I clicked on Nmap.exe and some
crazy black box appeared with some text, then disappeared
again. WTF?!" The PRD for this advanced results viewer project is
at . Adrian is graduating
this year from the Universidade Estadual de Goias in Brazil."

May the force be with us!

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  1. Adriano, Congratulations!
    I'm pretty sure you'll do a good job on the forthcoming improvements to UMIT. Keep up the good work!