Monday, April 17, 2006

UMIT 6.04.1

UMIT has adopted the same versioning convension used by Ubuntu (6.04 means year 6, month 04 which is the release date of this version). The last number group at version number is related to the release number.

At first sign, no big change will be noticed but the splash screen. The main changes affects UMIT stability and performance. I've found loads of bug, and solved each one. Now UMIT has left the beta release.
Another change is the umit user directory (~/.umit) that holds user preferences, interfaces and config files.

Quick Changelog:
  • Now umit uses SVG Icons on Linux.
  • Users are able to save and load scans that doesn't have a profile (manually inserted command)
  • New splashscreen ;-)
  • Full translation to Brazilian Portuguese
  • Creation of user directories
  • And many forgotten changes ;-)

UMIT 6.04.1 Dependencies:
  • Python 2.4 or latter
  • PyGTK 2.6 or latter
  • Nmap 3.81 or latter
  • Higwidgets 0.1.0 or latter

The installation process is quite simple: on main operating systems, just trigger "python install" with root privileges that everything should be fine. Don't forget that UMIT needs Nmap to run. If you don't have nmap installed, download it from Nmap Download Page and follow the install instructions.

PS: This time, higwidgets was made available from a diferent package on umit download page at source forge. As higwidgets got structure changes, UMIT won't work properly with higwidgets versions older than 0.1.0.

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